Invited speakers:

Ulf Büntgen (WSL, Switzerland): The PAGES 2k EuroMed project - beyond tree ring-based temperature reconstructions

Rudolf Brázdil (Masaryk University, Czech Republic): Historical climatology in Central Europe and its scientific potential)

Janusz Filipiak (University of Gdańsk): Climate variability in Poland in the period of the instrumental recor

Marie-José Gaillard-Lemdahl (Linnaeus University, Sweden): Pollen-based quantitative reconstructions of Holocene vegetation cover in Europe: contribution to the study of land cover – climate interactions and other examples of applications

Juan-José Gómez-Navarro (University of Bern, Switzerland): Dynamic downscaling as a way to bridge gaps between climate simulations and reconstructions

Iván Hernández-Almeida (University of Bern, Switzerland): A chrysophyte-based transfer function as a tool for winter severity reconstructions in NE Poland during the past millennium

Zoltán Kern (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary): Proxy data from East Central European cave sediments for the past two Millennia

Andrea Kiss (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): Historical climatology in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin since 1000 AD: present stage of research from documentary and early instrumental data

Mariusz Lamentowicz (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland): Multi-proxy, high-resolution studies of peatlands development during the last 2000 years - climatic drivers and human impact

Isabelle Larocque-Tobler (University of Bern, Switzerland): Temperature reconstruction using chironomids (non-biting midges) preserved in the varved sediment of Lake Żabińskie, Poland

Jürg Luterbacher (University of Giessen, Germany): European Temperature of the last 2 millennia – comprehensive climate reconstructions

Anneli Poska (Tallin University of Technology, Estonia): Anthropogenic deforestation of northern Europe and eastern Baltic area during the last 2 millennia

Rajmund Przybylak (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland): Climate of Poland in the last millennium

Olga N. Solomina (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia): Climate variability in European Russia of the past 2000 years

Bernd Zolitschka (University of Bremen, Germany): Varved sediments and their paleoclimatic significance